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One of the products developed since the company’s founding can be seen in the fire trucks that are always on stand-by at the fire station of each municipality. If you approach the vehicle and gently look at the flow meter, you will always see the KGK mark on it. This is a proof of KGK’s achievements in winning the development rights and competing in performance with companies that have produced famous Nobel Prize winners.

KGK’s flow meters for fire pump trucks ensure the proper amount of water regardless of the condition of the hose. The flowmeter, equipped with a totalizer, indicates the exact amount of water used. With this product, we are proudly able to dominate with the most share in the domestic market. 


Features of EMF300E Series Fire Fighting Electromagnetic Flowmeter

  1. Able to withstand harsh environments
  2. Lightweight to avoid damage to piping and pressure on on-board weight
  3. Long-term usability
  4. Applicable to vehicle-mounted power supplies
  5. Low power consumption due to use of on-board batteries
  6. Corrosion-resistant material to withstand salt water and chemicals used in firefighting
  7. High accuracy ±2% precision

Features of EMS624E Series Firefighting Totalizers

  1. when used in combination with the EMF300E series, the total amount of water used in firefighting activities can be determined at a glance
  2. totalized values of individual flow rates can also be displayed
  3. by using EMS624-M, it is possible to monitor both sides of the vehicle

EMF300E Canbus type

  1. compatible with Canbus signal output (J1939)
  2. easy flow rate display by designated monitor

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Besides our own products, we are also dealing with other firefighting products overseas.


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