Fire Fighting Business

ー   Flowmeter

KGK flowmeters for fire pump trucks, which are widely used in Japan, ensure the proper amount of water regardless of the condition of the hose. KGK flowmeters can also determine the accurate amount of water consumption using the flow totalizer.
Please contact us for development upon request.

Imaging Business

ー   Image Processing Software Technology

KGK image inspection systems are custom-designed for each customer application.
This is achieved through high-speed image processing technology, lighting technology, and high-precision camera technology.
Please contact us for development upon request.

 Multi-camera independent automatic control

 μFocus tracking on the order of microns

 High-speed inspection using multi-core

 Multi-Lighting Control

 Image processing software technology

 High-precision camera/lighting technology

 1. Camera Technology

 2. Lighting Technology

 High-speed image processing technology

 1. Parallel Processing Architecture

 Transport Mechanism Technology

Medical Business

ー   Mechanical Conveyance Technology

We have been mainly engaged in the development of surgical cameras.
We will continue our research and development to provide new innovation to the medical world using the technology we have cultivated for many years in the field of industrial equipment.
Please contact us if you have any requests for development according to your needs.


 UV Control

 4 Camera Module

 Laser Technology



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